Collection: 24/7 Tan

Welcome to 24/7 Tan at Campbell and Company. We currently have 2 tanning locations, Houston and Licking, MO.

Houston location offers 6 rooms to choose from.

Room 1 (requires all access membership) 15-minute-high pressure bronzing bed. Typically, a higher-pressure tanning bed will tan your skin darker and more quickly.

Room 2 & 3 12 minute lay down.

Room 4 12 minute stand up.

Room 5 20 minute lay down.

Room 6 (requires tanning solution purchase) Mystic Tan automatic spray tan booth. Say goodbye to getting nude in front of someone, just to get a spray tan. Our booth does it all for you, and talks you through every turn.

Licking location offers 3 room to choose from.

Room 1 12 minute stand up.

Room 2 & 3 12 minute lay down.